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Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting will protect your home from the sun.   Steve’s Professional Glass Tinting will help you save money!  With energy costs constantly on the rise, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to cut back costs.   Tinting the windows of your home can be an affordable and effective way to scale back on energy use.   A good residential window tint deflects the sun’s harmful rays and keeps the heat out, so you’ll save big on air conditioning.  Plus, residential window tint also seals heat in during the winter too.  At Steve’s Professional Glass Tinting, we specialize in keeping the glare out, and keeping the cool in your home.   The sun’s harmful rays attack your furniture, paint and floors, but don’t  fear our terrific  residential window tints will protect you from the sun’s relentless attack.  Plus, professionally installed residential window tinting from Steve’s Professional Glass Tinting gives your home renewed privacy.

Steve’s Professional Glass Tinting offers you a wide selection of professionally installed tints that increase comfort, cut energy costs, beautify home windows, reduce fading and glare, and improve safety.  Homeowners depend on Steve’s for a simple and cost-effective solutions to a whole assortment of window problems.

The right residential window tint will give your home a uniform appearance and can make any room more enjoyable any time of the year.  By rejecting up to 84% of the sun’s heat and absorbing almost all (99%) of the harmful ultraviolet rays, window tint will extend the life of your furniture, draperies, and carpet.

Most homeowners prefer window tints that will not affect the view, day or night. This is accomplished with a dual-reflective tint that is highly reflective on the exterior and less reflective in the interior.  The result is a highly efficient tint and no loss of view.  Steve also has reflective tints, neutral sputtered tints, low-e tints and deluxe tints designed for privacy and aesthetics.

How long will it last? Most of the tints Steve’s offers have a residential lifetime manufactures warranty against defects.  The key to a long lasting residential tint is the adhesive, the clear distortion free adhesive eliminates all problems by clinging to the natural porosity of the glass and forming a permanent waterproof seal.  All the tints Steve’s offers have a scratch resistant coating that is extremely durable.  For best results clean your  residential window tint with a soft clean cloth, rubber squeegee and any common household strength glass cleaner like Windex or Invisible Glass.

Installing residential window tinting in your home has great benefits:

  • Tremendous energy savings
  • Prevent sun damage to furniture and carpet
  • Creates a safer shatterproof window
  • Is an easy way to start going green

Residential window tinting doesn’t make your windows appear dark, nor does it prevent light from getting in. Your house will receive the same amount of natural light as always.

Steve’s Professional Glass Tinting installation service is quick and affordable. Our residential window tint experts are fully licensed,insured and up to the task. Whether you need just a few windows tinted or the entire house, Steve’s Professional Glass Tinting is ready to serve you.

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