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Professional Invisible Paint Protection Film

No Sacrifices- High Gloss Look and Extreme Durability The front of your car is bombarded daily with thousands of small objects, eventually this process will wear through and chip away your cars clean factory finish.

So how do you stop this process, protect your investment, and maximize future trade-in value? Steve’s recommends the Llumar invisible paint protection film also known as the invisible bra, clear bra, or stone guard. Why LLumar??? Because it is the best in class professional paint protection film that has 33% thicker urethane than the rest (8 mill thick) and, it has a smooth hard coat layer to protect against abrasions, nicks, and scratches. The key to a lasting quality installation is who you choose to install the film. you can trust Steve’s with over 8 years experience with paint protection films and templates from LLumar’s precision cut library Steve will ensure a quality finish. PPF can be applied to hood, fender, bumper, headlights, fog lights, side mirrors, door handles, door edges, rear bumpers and much more. LLumar paint protection film is backed with a 5 year warranty.

To view some available templates for your vehicle Click Here

Call Steve (909) 920-6844 to have a current template list for your new vehicle e-mailed to you.

So, before you get on that freeway remember that Llumar paint protection film provides the best option for keeping your car in prime condition. Steve’s can also ship pre cut Professional Invisible Paint Protection Film kits nationwide.

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Paint Protection Film

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